About Us

NuSkool redefines education through the transformation of pop culture into a learning experience. NuSkool finds teachable moments in all forms of entertainment, from TV to music and video games, creating lessons schools can use to engage struggling students. This subscription-based online platform allows teachers to create virtual classes, providing access to lessons based on trending topics that matter most in students’ lives. It’s relevant, real life learning.

NuSkool produces articles, standards aligned lesson plans, quizzes and other types of assessments. Our work began as student engagement specialists, with an expertise in both entertainment and education. NuSkool’s unique approach to content development is informed by our research interests in the fields of student-centered learning, personalized learning, culturally responsive pedagogy, games based learning and 21st century skills.

Abran Maldonado – Founder


Abran Maldonado Headshot

Entrepreneur, scholar and music industry veteran, Abran Maldonado is the CEO and Founder of NuSkool. He has spent over a decade addressing the needs of underserved youth using a hybrid approach fusing both entertainment and education through professional development, student enrichment and educational research. After several years in the entertainment industry, Abran decided to enter the academy to further explore digital media and other aspects of youth culture and their implications on the advancement of 21st century education.

Abran was honored by the Gates Foundation as a Gates Millennium Scholar, an award given to future leaders in the community. He has made the most of the opportunity and has since received a BS in Communication Arts from St. John’s University, an MA in Adolescent Culture in Education from Teachers College of Columbia University and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Teaching and Learning at New York University where he is working with renowned education reformer Pedro Noguera, Ph.D. on developing new research in the field of Urban Education. Abran is also credited for his work as a researcher and contributor for the book “Improbable Scholars: The Rebirth of a Great American School System and a Strategy for America’s Schools” by sociologist and policy analyst David Kirp.