Story Basics: How to Create Your Own Storyboard for Pixar

The objective of this lesson is to have students create their own storyboard based on their own proposed idea for a Pixar film.
Storytelling is an art and is more difficult than it may seem.
A story must include 5 key elements – a beginning introduction, rising action, climax, falling action, and finally, the conclusion.

When History Says “C’Mon Man!”

In this lesson students will research and take the “C’MON MAN” approach at describing world issues.

ESPN uses the phrase “C’MON MAN!” to point out head scratching mistakes and odd plays that took place in sports. Within this lesson students will research a specific moment in history that was questionable, a mistake or head scratch worthy.

Each historical moment could be randomly selected or chosen based on time period being studied in class at the time.

Deconstructing Reggaeton Music: Degrading Women or Freedom of Speech?

In this lesson, students will analyze a Reggaeton song by popular Puerto Rican recording artist Don Omar and decide whether it is worth banning. The country of Cuba has recently outlawed the music genre known as Reggaeton, which is a fusion of Reggae, Latin, and Hip Hop. Originating in Panama over 20+ years ago and spreading all over Latin America and the U.S., this music is being banned for its aggressive, sexual and obscene lyrics.

A Year in Review: The 2012 Rap Up

The objective of this lesson is for students to research important events and milestones that happened in 2012 and write a rap that summarizes these events.

This past year, many important milestones and events occurred ranging from the re-election of President Barack Obama to the final installment of the Twilight franchise. While there have been countless positive milestones, there have also been devastating events in this past year such as the Aurora movie theater shooting, Hurricane Sandy, and the Newtown elementary school shooting.

Understanding Character Mapping through Glee

The objective of this lesson is to help students examine character traits through character mapping.

The wildly popular show Glee has inspired teens all over the world to love and accept who they are. Glee‘s cast is comprised of very different characters such as Artie Abrams, a student who refuses to let anything get in his way despite the fact that he is in a wheelchair, Kurt Hummel, the first openly gay student to attend his high school, and Rachel Berry, a very driven and ambitious student who offends her peers on many occasions by flaunting her “diva-like” behavior. Each main character on the show possesses some form of unique individuality whether it is her/his attitude or the type of clothing she/he wears. Despite their differences, these characters have one thing in common; they all love and take pride in who they are despite what others may think.

Writing Your Own Spoken Word

The objective of this lesson is for students to demonstrate their language arts skills and creativity by writing their own spoken word pieces.

Spoken word is a type of art that is word based and usually includes experimentation with other art forms such as music, theater, and dance. Spoken word poetry is often performed in a competitive setting known as “slam poetry.” An example of slam poetry is Def Poetry, which is an HBO series that showcased performances by established spoken word poets and up-and-coming artists.

The Rant: Making Sense of Mr. Bryant

In this lesson, students will imagine they are Kobe Bryant’s personal editor and use his recent Facebook rant to learn to identify mistakes in writing and compose their own essays to better express Kobe’s woes.