The Physics of Angry Birds

The goal of this lesson is for students to explore and analyze graphs by comparing the constant velocity in the x-direction and acceleration in the y-direction through a live action reenactment of Angry Birds as a class experiment or through a video analysis of actual gameplay.

Vampires: Is There Truth to Their Legend?

In this lesson, students learn operations of real number exponents by using the current population to prove the existence or non-existence of vampires.

Students apply critical thinking and mathematical reasoning skills to develop their fluency in exponential growth (Grades 6-12 should be able to complete every step of the procedure. Some assessment items are more appropriate for high school only. See the listed standards for appropriate leveling).

Adventure Time Dichotomous Key

This lesson teaches students how to use a dichotomous key and understand how it allows individuals to find the name of a species based on certain defining physical characteristics. To achieve these learning objectives, students construct a dichotomous key using the characters of the popular show Adventure Time.

CDs, MP3s, and the Decline of the Record Industry

In this lesson, students analyze and explain the decline of the record industry over the last 10 years. As of 2003, over 2,700 music retailers across the United States have closed, including popular stores such as Virgin Megastore, Tower Records, and HMV. Sales by online music retailers like iTunes, Rhapsody, and Amazon have increased, but not enough to make up for the decline in physical album sales. In this lesson, students will develop ideas about how to save the record industry from becoming extinct.

Understanding the Flu

The objective of this lesson is for students to better understand how fast a virus can spread and what precautions they can take to decrease the chances of getting sick. The flu is a virus, which means it can easily be transmitted. Movies like Outbreak and Contagion have exaggerated the quick mutation of the flu by showing fast spreading, deathly epidemics. These films’ depictions of how the virus is spread, however, are both accurate. Coughing, sneezing, and talking can all transmit the flu.

What is Science? The Poetry of Reality

This is a great lesson to start off a school year as it uses a music video to explain what science is, how people can benefit from studying it, and what it has done for the human species as a whole.

Video Games and Literary Criticism

In this lesson, students engage with their favorite video games as literary works and write literary analysis essays critiquing and dissecting the literary aspects of their chosen games.

Exploring Social, Cultural, and Familial Differences through Adventure Time

In this lesson, students will analyze the Adventure Time episode “Her Parents” for its themes of social, cultural, and familial differences, they will discuss the ways the episode represents such differences in relation to real-life experiences, and they will think about the ways real-life social, cultural, and family differences can be resolved or avoided.