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The RLL Podcast: Ep. 4 – Learning Prince and Deconstructing Genius with Jason King and Terrance Thomas



This was the definitive music episode of the RLL Podcast. We nerd out with music experts Jason King and Terrance Thomas to discuss Prince and what students can learn from his legacy. Prince’s genius is deconstructed and we explore whether Kanye, Bieber or Hamilton’s Lin Manuel fit the mold. Beyonce got us slow sippin’ Lemonade and we look for hints of vulnerability and self-expression or plain old marketing genius. And what has Hamilton taught us about history, theatre culture and masculinity? Jason King is a musician, journalist, radio host and professor at the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at NYU. Terrance Thomas provides creative direction and artist development for many recording artists today and lived a former life performing on Broadway and in theatres around the country.

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Ep. 4 – Show Notes:

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