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The Real Life Learning Podcast: Ep. 0 – What is NuSkool?

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Welcome to the Real Life Learning Podcast. Join our founder and host Abran Maldonado (@EdTechAbe) and special guests as we discuss the lessons featured on the site and the latest trending topics in education and pop culture.

Ep. 0 What is NuSkool? Where it all started and why a podcast was necessary

How and why was NuSkool created? We explain how we merged our experience in education and entertainment to create a platform for relevant learning.

If you’re interested in being a guest or cohost on the show, please reach out to us at info@nuskool.com.

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The RLL Podcast: Ep. 3 – Student Leadership, Black Genius and how Drake Redefined Masculinity



How do we encourage young people to become leaders in the age of cyberbullying and social media bashing? How do Beyonce, Kendrick and Kanye walk the thin line between Black Genius and madness? And how has Drake redefined young men’s idea of masculinity? We tackle all of these difficult questions with our amazing guests – motivational speaker, poet and educator MrJeffDess (@MrJeffDess), Founder of TrillorNotTrill.com and Lakisha Odlum (@MzUrbanEducator), 7th grade English Teacher at Eagle Academy Queens and pre-service instructor at Teachers College, Columbia University.

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Ep. 3 – Show Notes:

Check out all of the great work mentioned in this episode:

Trill or Not Trill

Adam Goodes

Don’t Cash Crop My Cornrows by Amandla Stenberg

Noisey: Bompton

Black Genius by Fader Magazine


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NuSkool Travels the Country to Find Brilliant Students with a Passion for Real Life Learning

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This is a story about four brilliant young people taking their love of learning into their own hands. If all you know about your students is what you see in the classroom, then you don’t know them at all.
Arath, is a 15-year-old high school student from Chicago whose interest in building and engineering piqued from childhood. From the days of taking apart toy cars as a kid, he now builds bikes for people on demand. He learned the art of building different bikes on his own, and has dreams of becoming an engineer in the future. The money he earns from building bikes is used to support his two younger siblings.
Isaac, a 10 year old programmer, has a passion for building in Minecraft, Scratch, Mario Maker and has a love for game design. He does this on his own as a form of playing. What is surprising about Isaac is he has Autism but is highly functioning and he’s not going to let that get in the way of doing what he loves.
Spirit, well, there is truly no better word to describe this amazing young woman. She beams with energy and maturity. She has committed herself to a life of dance and you see that devotion and commitment in everything she does. She is a shining example of hard work, dedication and preparation to us all.
Georgia, not only has a love for animals but a love for bringing life into this world. Watch her amazing story as she balances life between school and farm duties where she is learning the role of pig husbandry.

This is real life learning…