The Death of Print? Debating the Future of Reading

In this lesson, students watch a student-made documentary about the future of the printed book industry, think about and debate the future of printed books, and undertake a critical and creative writing assignment on the topic.

Understanding Character Mapping through Glee

The objective of this lesson is to help students examine character traits through character mapping.

The wildly popular show Glee has inspired teens all over the world to love and accept who they are. Glee‘s cast is comprised of very different characters such as Artie Abrams, a student who refuses to let anything get in his way despite the fact that he is in a wheelchair, Kurt Hummel, the first openly gay student to attend his high school, and Rachel Berry, a very driven and ambitious student who offends her peers on many occasions by flaunting her “diva-like” behavior. Each main character on the show possesses some form of unique individuality whether it is her/his attitude or the type of clothing she/he wears. Despite their differences, these characters have one thing in common; they all love and take pride in who they are despite what others may think.

Understanding Shakespearean Archetypes through Modern Day Rom-Coms

In this lesson, students will demonstrate their understanding of Shakespearean archetypes by applying them to modern day romantic comedies. They will learn about the traditional five act structure of and commonly used “stock characters” in Shakespeare’s comedies. They will then identify similar plot points and stock characters in a modern romantic comedy.

The Physics of Superman

This lesson provides a scientific look at the physics of Superman’s powers and discusses the principles of atomic energy levels, X-rays, forces, and the theoretical principle of negative matter.

YOLO: Take Care of Your Ears!

In this lesson, The Lonely Island’s “YOLO” is used to introduce the topics of noise and hearing loss. Students learn about how the inner workings of our ears enable us to hear and how these sensitive mechanisms are easily and irreparably harmed.

Jay-Z: Agent to the Stars

Using Jay-Z’s newest business venture as an example, students learn about the business behind professional sports by acting out a contract negotiation.

Hacked: Mathematical Permutation and Internet Security

In this lesson, students take a closer look at the world of internet security while learning how to calculate permutations.

On Monday, April 23rd, The Associated Press’ Twitter account was hacked, and the following message was posted: Breaking – Two Explosions in the White House and Barack Obama is injured. The Dow Jones industrial average dropped 150 points as a result of this tweet.

The Neuroscience of Pop Songs

In this lesson, students familiarize themselves with the chemicals and hormones responsible for our emotions. They then use this knowledge to provide a scientific analysis of a pop song of their choice.