The Deconstruction of Donald Trump


The United States of America has had its share of polarizing politicians — people loved by half the country’s citizens and loathed by the other half. Perhaps the most polarizing of all-time is the Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump. From less serious topics (like his hair) to much more important issues (like immigration reform), everyone seems to have a strong opinion about the man known as “The Donald.”



Donald Trump: The Real Estate Mogul

Through the years, Trump has stood out for a variety of reasons. In the 1970s, he took over his father’s real estate company, the Trump Organization.  The company bought or built some of the most recognizable buildings in New York City, including Trump Tower, the Grand Hyatt, and the Javits Convention Center. Even in those early days, Trump was no stranger to controversy, as he developed a reputation for winning at all costs.

Trump Properties In New York City Draw Increased Scrutiny As He Embarks On Presidential Run

The next decade also proved fruitful for Trump, as he purchased the Plaza Hotel and many other profitable real estate properties. During the 1980s, Trump also began a family of his own after marrying his first wife Ivana in 1977. His wife and kids did little to keep him away from his business, though, as the Trump Organization continued to expand.


Hitting Hard Times and Rebounding Strong

Trump finally encountered significant obstacles in the early 1990s when the real estate market declined and his business lost much of the money he had earned over the past several decades. According to the site Biography, “Some observers saw Trump’s decline as symbolic of many of the business, economic and social excesses that had arisen in the 1980s.” Just as they would later in his life, Trump’s critics seemed to celebrate his struggles.


However, Trump’s business eventually rebounded and he began to enter other arenas — notably, television and politics. In 2004, his reality show The Apprentice became a huge hit by highlighting Trump’s outsized personality and knack for business. And in the past calendar year, any American who didn’t know Trump as a billionaire or TV star quickly learned about him as a politician. Despite the doubts of many well-known critics, Trump seized hold of the Republican primary process and now it looks as if he’ll be named the party’s presidential nominee at the Republican National Convention in July.


Love To Love Him or Love To Hate Him?

There are few Americans who don’t have strong opinions about Trump. From supporters who insist that he’ll “make America great again” to detractors who think he’s a “bigot and a racist,” Trump seems like he relishes his position as a polarizing figure. Now, the big question is: Which side are you on and how do you justify that perspective?



Some media may contain mature content. Discretion is advised when viewing with students.

Trump final statement for President during last debate

Donald Trump: 'Great Again' - Campaign 2016

Anti-Trump ad shows women reading Trump comments

Trump: I will make Mexico pay for a wall on the border
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LEARNING OBJECTIVE: This lesson will teach students to weigh evidence about a series of statements concerning Donald Trump and the 2016 presidential election. Students will understand several key terms and concepts of party politics. This lesson will help students develop such skills as weighing historical evidence to evaluate various political statements.

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