It Gets Better: A Film Project

The It Gets Better Project was created in 2010 to show young Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LBGT) the level of happiness and positivity they can reach in their lives- if they can get through their teen years. The creation of this project was inspired due to exorbitant amount students who are taking their own lives because they were bullied and harassed at school. This movement has inspired people worldwide to create videos focusing around the message of It Gets Better- even celebrities and political figures have gotten involved including President Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Colin Farrell, and Lady Gaga.

The goal of this lesson is to have the students work together to create their own It Gets Better video.


Some media may contain mature content. Discretion is advised when viewing with students.

Lesson Plan

The class may all work together or the class can be broken up into groups. Students should be assigned to different roles to produce a It Gets Better video. Some of the roles can include: director(s), actor(s), script writer(s), film editor(s), cameraman/woman, and music editor(s).

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