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NuSkool has come a long way since its first release. The site was originally created out of teachers’ demand for more engaging curriculum, based on the real world and relevant to students’ lives. We’ve listened to your feedback and took all of your suggestions into consideration. The result is what you see before you, a more complete and interactive tool to further enhance real life learning, both inside and outside the classroom. This site was built to support learning for all, whether you are inside a school or not. So if you are a classroom teacher, after-school counselor, tutor, home school instructor or just someone who has a love for learning, this is the site you’ve always been waiting for. Here’s just some of the cool new features you’ll find on NuSkool:

‘New’ NuSkool: Learner Edition We are happy to announce the new Learner edition! Every week we’re adding new quizzes and challenges for students to the site. Our assessment types include multiple choice, true/false, fill in the gap, short answer and open-ended essay questions. Most lessons now will have a quiz section for your students based on the reading and media sections related to the topic.

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Private Teachers Discussion Educators can now have a private discussion with other professionals to discuss topics and share strategies for implementation. It’s real time professional development!

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Assign Lessons To Your Class Create an unlimited amount of classes and assign lessons to your whole class or just a small group for differentiated learning. Any discussions are private to each class and you can monitor their progress using your Learner Management Tools located in your dashboard.

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Enjoy all of our features for a limited time before we introduce our subscription plan in the coming months. Thank you for all of your support. NuSkool will continue to grow and we hope you are there with us every step of the way. Take care and best of luck this school year!


*If you already have a previous account from an earlier version of NuSkool, you were granted an account with your current login information.


Some media may contain mature content. Discretion is advised when viewing with students.

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Abran Maldonado

Abran Maldonado Entrepreneur, scholar and music industry veteran, Abran Maldonado is the CEO and Founder of NuSkool. He has spent over a decade addressing the needs of underserved youth using a hybrid approach fusing both entertainment and education through professional development, student enrichment and educational research. After several years in the entertainment industry, Abran decided to enter the academy to further explore digital media and other aspects of youth culture and their implications on the advancement of 21st century education.