NuSkool Teams Up with CoreLX to Provide Culturally Relevant Digital Lessons To All Kids Everywhere

I always want to make sure you’re up on all the moves we make as a company. It’s with my great pleasure to inform you that we have exclusively partnered with Core Learning Exchange. The official announcement is below with all the details, but basically what this means is that if you subscribe to the CoreLX platform, you will gain access to our full library of lessons within their system along with other amazing instructional content providers including Khan Academy, LearnZillion and Knovation. Another great perk that comes with using NuSkool on the CoreLX system is that you can now find the standards alignment for our lessons. I will be going through the system with the team to make sure all of our lessons are identifiable by their standards alignment in the coming months. Very exciting stuff. Your membership to NuSkool is still active, nothing changes there. Read below for more details on how to enroll into CoreLX. Thank you for being there with us every step of the way as we grow to bring you culturally relevant learning.



Contact:  Jeff Katzman, Core Learning Exchange
Abran Maldonado, NuSkool 336-2434

Core Learning Exchange Teams Up with NuSkool to Provide Relevant Pop
Culture-Based Digital Lessons To All Kids Everywhere

“Real Life Learning” Goes Digital, Standards-Aligned, And Easily Accessible As Part of the Core Learning Exchange Mastery Learning Platform

Boulder, CO - Nov. 1, 2016 - Core Learning Exchange (Core-LX) and NuSkool are teaming up to bring academically rich and culturally relevant digital lessons to all bored students looking for courses they can actually relate to.  NuSkool will distribute its standards-aligned educational materials via the Core Learning Exchange Mastery Learning Platform.  Teachers can build these media-rich lessons into personal learning plans, group activities, and digital badges documenting academic achievement.

“Why should school be dull and irrelevant?” asks Abran Maldonado, NuSkool Founder. “Teachable, ‘real life’ learning moments crop up everyday in the real world.  NuSkool blends entertainment and education to meet underserved kids where they live, with digital media learning that’s meaningful to their lives.  We are thrilled that Core Learning Exchange is as excited as we are about democratizing education for kids ignored – and bored – by traditional education publishers.”

NuSkool’s lessons transform popular culture events and trending topics into awesomely cool lessons such as:  “Learning from the Greatest:  Muhammad Ali and Athlete Activism,” a lesson that explores best solutions to various societal and political issues;  “Michael Jackson vs. Prince: Let’s Compare the Legends,” a study of comparisons and Venn diagrams; “Sneaker-nomics: Supply-and-Demand Economics in the Basketball Footwear Industry,” an economics primer; and a genetics lesson entitled “X-Men:  Are Mutants Already Among Us?”.

Sneakers with a Statement: Hip-Hop Culture and the Elements of Sneaker Design X-Men:  Are Mutants Already Among Us?

New NuSkool lessons are being developed weekly for the Core-LX community to stay fresh and current with the latest pop culture topics. “NuSkool authors are brilliant at combining all kinds of digital media to make learning effective and fun,” says Jeff Katzman, Founder and CEO of Core Learning Exchange. “The CoreCreator authoring tool lets these edutainment creatives push the digital envelope.  Our subscription-based, royalty-sharing business model – think Spotify – rewards that ingenuity and makes great content cost-effectively available to all. Together, we are bringing culturally-relevant educational materials to kids often neglected by the traditional education publishers.”

NuSkool will be distributing its articles, standards-aligned lesson plans, quizzes and other types of assessments via the Core Learning Exchange’s category-busting Mastery Learning Platform, a cloud-based platform where K-12 teachers create, find, and share lessons on any device.  There, teachers can assess a student’s foundational knowledge of a subject, create personalized playlists for individuals or groups, review students’ progress, and save lessons for future use. In addition, these lessons can be built into badging systems, now gaining popularity with schools and districts as a means of documenting skills and academic mastery.

Teachers can register for a free 30-day trial here.

Core Learning Exchange is a Boulder, Colorado-based education technology start up, current member of the BoomStartUp Accelerator in Salt Lake City, UT and the SETDA Emerging Partners 2016 cohort.  The Core-LX ecosystem includes advisors Michael Horn and Steven Hodas. The category-busting Mastery Learning Platform includes playlist and lesson builders, and a digital learning content library featuring lessons from Florida Virtual School, BetterMarks  (math content in English, Spanish and German), Highlights for Children, NuSkool, SAS Curriculum Pathways, LearnZillion, Khan Academy, CrashCourse, as well as over 30 self-publishers. Entrepreneur Magazine recently named Core-LX as one of “5 Fascinating Edtech Companies From National Education Week.”

NuSkool is an entertainment learning platform that finds teachable moments in popular culture. NuSkool produces articles, standards aligned lesson plans, quizzes and other types of assessments. Our work began as student engagement specialists, and as experts in both entertainment and education with a special interest in student-centered learning, contextual learning, culturally responsive pedagogy, games based learning and 21st century skills.



Some media may contain mature content. Discretion is advised when viewing with students.

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