The Fall From Grace: When Do We Forgive Our Cultural Heroes, and Where Do We Draw the Line?

In this lesson, students are asked to examine their willingness to forgive and forget, questioning the nature of celebrity-obsessed culture and the injustice that it sometimes brings about.

What do actress Reese Witherspoon, NBC Sports anchor Al Michaels, and Three Doors Down bassist Robert Todd Harrell have in common? They were all arrested for alcohol related misbehavior in the same weekend. How are they different? Witherspoon was busted for yelling at and disobeying police while her husband was being arrested for drunk driving, Michaels was arrested for driving under the influence, and Robert Todd Harrell was arrested for driving drunk, grazing a truck on the road, and sending the truck out of control, killing the truck’s driver.


Some media may contain mature content. Discretion is advised when viewing with students.

Lesson Plan

Intro - One Big Drunken Weekend

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Lesson tags: Eighth, Ninth, Pop Culture, Social Studies, Tenth

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