The RLL Podcast: Ep. 5 – Sixth Grade Student Breaks Down the Comic Book Phenomenon, Easter Eggs and More…

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It’s been our goal to have more youth involved with the show and this episode got us off to a great start. I brought in 12 year old comic book expert Jojo to talk all things superheroes. How do the movies connect to the canon of their comic book sources and how do you define and identify easter eggs on screen? And what better place to talk comics than the home of Kevin Smith’s Comic Book Men on AMC, also known as Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash in Red Bank, NJ. This is also our first video podcast as well, the video version will be up on our Youtube channel Check it out, he’s a cutie and you might notice a resemblance. (Hint, Hint)

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Ep. 5 – Show Notes:

Check out all of the great work mentioned in this episode:

Comic Book Men on AMC

Amazing Spider-Man

Ms. Marvel

Black Panther

The best in the business at finding comic book movie easter eggs:
Mr. Sunday Movies YouTube Channel

Watch the video version of this podcast episode here.


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