Understanding Character Mapping through Glee

The objective of this lesson is to help students examine character traits through character mapping.

The wildly popular show Glee has inspired teens all over the world to love and accept who they are. Glee‘s cast is comprised of very different characters such as Artie Abrams, a student who refuses to let anything get in his way despite the fact that he is in a wheelchair, Kurt Hummel, the first openly gay student to attend his high school, and Rachel Berry, a very driven and ambitious student who offends her peers on many occasions by flaunting her “diva-like” behavior. Each main character on the show possesses some form of unique individuality whether it is her/his attitude or the type of clothing she/he wears. Despite their differences, these characters have one thing in common; they all love and take pride in who they are despite what others may think.


Some media may contain mature content. Discretion is advised when viewing with students.

Lesson Plan

Students should watch the videos provided. Once they have finished watching the videos, they should be told that the creator and lead writer of Glee, Ryan Murphy, has approached them to introduce a new character for the next season. Mr. Murphy is allowing them creative freedom to develop any type of character for the show as long as the character is interesting and unique. This character can be based off the student or a person they may know, or they can create the character from scratch. Mr. Murphy has asked students to create a character map to help with the development process, and he has recommended that they include the following (please refer to the character mapping attachment provided in this lesson plan):

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