Watermark Mania! Hashtags and Social Media Marketing Campaigns

In this lesson, students learn about the different social media marketing strategies that television networks implement and discuss what their benefits might be. At the end of the lesson, students produce their own social media marketing campaigns for a specific television show in efforts to boost the network’s ratings.

Social networks have their throne on the Internet, but over the last couple of months, they have made their way to television screens everywhere. On popular shows such as Glee, The Voice, X Factor, and 106 & Park, the network staff includes a hashtag watermark (#AmericanIdol, #Glee, #TheVoice, #XFactor, etc.) on the lower sides of the screen to promote discussion about the shows on Twitter and other social networks. Also, the news and talk shows let viewers know that they have Facebook and Twitter pages that they can access.


Some media may contain mature content. Discretion is advised when viewing with students.

Lesson Plan

Have students watch the embedded video clip and take notes on the various strategies television networks use to foster interest in their shows. After the video, discuss the different strategies presented in the clip and ask students the following questions: Why do television networks implement the strategies discussed in the video? How do you think the networks benefits from these strategies? Gather a few responses and then introduce the activity.

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Lesson tags: Creative Writing, Eighth, Ninth, Seventh, Social Networking, Social Studies, Television

Alcides Marte

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