YOLO: Take Care of Your Ears!

In this lesson, The Lonely Island’s “YOLO” is used to introduce the topics of noise and hearing loss. Students learn about how the inner workings of our ears enable us to hear and how these sensitive mechanisms are easily and irreparably harmed.


Some media may contain mature content. Discretion is advised when viewing with students.

Lesson Plan
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Lesson tags: Eighth, Music, Ninth, Pop Culture, Science, Seventh, Tenth

Louis Miller

Louis is an educator, test-prep specialist as well as an internationally known musician. Louis currently works at Harlem Village Academies, where he assists in developing guided reading curriculum for underprivileged middle-schoolers struggling to catch up to their grade level. After spending some time teaching S.A.T. classes in public high schools, he was invited to join the National Academic Support Team at Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions, where he provided personalized, online teaching to students across the country.A proud native of New York City, he began his career as a professional drummer at age 15 while attending Stuyvesant High School in downtown Manhattan. After earning a J.D. from Fordham Law School in 2011, Louis spent six months drumming with “Consider the Source,” a world-touring instrumental trio based out of Brooklyn.