How Does the Black Panther Party Compare to the KKK and ISIS? Students can settle the debate once and for all. Quiz

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  1. Is ideology important? Is doing the wrong thing for the right reasons different from doing the wrong thing for the wrong reasons? [1]
  2. How much does a person’s intent affect how they should be interpreted? [1]
  3. How does the Black Panthers’ ideology compare to that of the KKK? Of ISIS? [1]
  4. What would have happened if the Black Panthers successfully applied their program to the United States? [1]
  5. What could have happened if “100% Americanism” became the law of the United States? [1]
  6. What could happen if Syria or Iraq is taken over by ISIS? [1]
  7. How is the scale of violence different between the organizations? [1]
  8. How does a different scale of violence have different effects on a society? How does it affect the amount of terror created by an organization? [1]
  9. How are the targets of violence different or similar between the organizations? [1]
  10. Do the differences in targets mean differences in how the violence affects a society, or the amount of terror that the violence creates? [1]
  11. How does the violence of these organizations compare to that of past revolutionary forces, like the Civil Rights Movement or the Sons of Liberty during the American Revolution? [1]
  12. Which of the three organizations meet the FBI definition of terrorism? [1]
  13. How are the motivations for each group’s social programs different? [1]
  14. Is it possible to justify hurting one person by helping another? Why or why not? [1]
  15. Which of the three groups is exploitative of women within their own ranks? Which harm women outside their ranks? [1]
  16. How is the approach to gender different in each group? [1]
  17. Why would women support traditionally anti-woman organizations like the KKK or ISIS? [1]
  18. The Black Panthers officially adopted the ideology of womanism: women’s liberation with a focus on black and minority women. Did they uphold the values of womanism in their own organization? [1]
  19. How do the government responses to the three movements compare? [1]
  20. Do the government responses affect how society views these movements? How did the government responses affect how these movements operate? [1]
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