Understanding Thesis Statements with Pop Music Quiz

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  1. While identifying thesis statements in the songs you chose, did you find that many popular songs have similar theses? [1]
  2. What are some of these recurring themes? [1]
  3. Do we often see these themes in literature as well? [1]
  4. Did you find that certain songs do not have a thesis? For instance, were you able to identify a main idea that wasn't a point that could be argued? [1]
  5. Was it easier to identify a thesis in songs of a certain genre? Which genres were easier? Why do you think those genres were easier? [1]
  6. What about songs that are no longer popular? Take a look at some classic rock or classic hip hop lyrics. Do you find thesis statements are easier or harder to identify in these songs? Why do you think that is? [1]
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