Lego Laws of Motion

This lesson uses Lego animation to walk students through Newton’s laws of motion.

Eminem Vs. Shakespeare: A Poetry Lesson Part 1

The goal of this lesson is for students to engage with Shakespeare’s poetry by comparing it to the lyrics of Hip-Hop artist Eminem. Teachers can also introduce or review literary devices, rhyme scheme, meter, and poetic structure within the context of this lesson.

Do You Buy the Hype? Tackling Consumer Culture with Macklemore

In this lesson, students analyze Macklemore’s songs “Thrift Shop” and “Wings,” which are both songs that call for people to eschew label-conscious, consumption obsessed culture, and ask themselves the question: How much do we care about brand names and designer labels? How much of my life is focused on consuming, and how much do I create?

BANJI: Understanding Individuality and Writing Personal Essays

In this lesson, students will embrace the “BANJI Movement,” a term originally coined by Missy Elliot’s new protege, Sharaya, by explaining how they embody the concept of “Being Authentic and Never Jeopardizing Individuality” and reflecting on the aspects of their lives that have shaped their individuality. They will then use this understanding to write a personal statement or essay about an experience that shaped them into the individuals they are today.

Food is a Drug: Are You Hooked?

In this lesson, students learn that food has a profoundly powerful effect not only on the belly but also the brain.

Alcohol: Addictive, harmful

Tobacco: Addictive, harmful

Coca-Cola, M&M’S, Doritos, and Fried Chicken: Addictive, harmful