The Physics of Angry Birds

The goal of this lesson is for students to explore and analyze graphs by comparing the constant velocity in the x-direction and acceleration in the y-direction through a live action reenactment of Angry Birds as a class experiment or through a video analysis of actual gameplay.

The Economic Impact of Hurricane Sandy

In this lesson, students think about the economic impact of a natural disaster such as Hurricane Sandy, learn the difference between macro- and micro-level effects of natural disasters, and allocate funds to recovery efforts following Sandy.

Portal Part 3: Velocity Can Be Terminal

Students are introduced to the concept of terminal velocity through the popular video game franchise Portal and conduct experiments to determine an object’s terminal velocity.

BANJI: Understanding Individuality and Writing Personal Essays

In this lesson, students will embrace the “BANJI Movement,” a term originally coined by Missy Elliot’s new protege, Sharaya, by explaining how they embody the concept of “Being Authentic and Never Jeopardizing Individuality” and reflecting on the aspects of their lives that have shaped their individuality. They will then use this understanding to write a personal statement or essay about an experience that shaped them into the individuals they are today.

The Thermodynamic Shake

In this lesson, the YouTube craze “The Harlem Shake” is used to introduce students to the concepts of entropy and enthalpy.

Confronting Homophobia and the Response to Jason Collins’ Recent Announcement

The outpouring of social media-based support for Jason Collins has been widespread and well-publicized, but what lies beneath? In this lesson, students are asked to take an honest look at homophobia on the web and in their own lives, confronting one of society’s darkest shadows and shedding some much needed light on the issue.


What Kind of Mutant Are You?

Here at NuSkool, we have studied the psychology of humans and have discovered 9 sacred signs that represent the connection between mutant and human abilities we each possess. Take this quiz and discover your true self.

“Old Skool” Video Game Design

Students will compare an old school video game to geometric transformations, and then design their own video game graphic using reflections, translations, and rotations.