Vampires: Is There Truth to Their Legend?

In this lesson, students learn operations of real number exponents by using the current population to prove the existence or non-existence of vampires.

Students apply critical thinking and mathematical reasoning skills to develop their fluency in exponential growth (Grades 6-12 should be able to complete every step of the procedure. Some assessment items are more appropriate for high school only. See the listed standards for appropriate leveling).

“Old Skool” Video Game Design

Students will compare an old school video game to geometric transformations, and then design their own video game graphic using reflections, translations, and rotations.

What Can We Do About Gun Control Laws in the US?

In this lesson, students will brainstorm about what they can do to encourage the US government to enact stricter gun-control laws, and they will take action by engaging with the means of communication closest to them, and by getting in touch with their peers and political representatives. With what seems to be an increase in the frequency of mass shootings in the US, students have plenty of thoughts and reactions.

A Year in Review: The 2012 Rap Up

The objective of this lesson is for students to research important events and milestones that happened in 2012 and write a rap that summarizes these events.

This past year, many important milestones and events occurred ranging from the re-election of President Barack Obama to the final installment of the Twilight franchise. While there have been countless positive milestones, there have also been devastating events in this past year such as the Aurora movie theater shooting, Hurricane Sandy, and the Newtown elementary school shooting.

Chemical Reactions Are Everywhere!

This lesson provides an introduction to chemical reactions and how they occur by using Bill Nye the Science Guy’s “Chemical Reactions.”

Adapting a Novel into a Movie: A Different Kind of Book Report

In this lesson, students learn about the process of adapting a piece of literature to a feature film. They will examine how the story structure changes and discuss why screenwriters decided to make these changes. They will practice this process themselves by choosing a novel and writing a synopsis of their selection’s film adaptation and casting 3-5 principle characters.

Hip-Hop Vocabulary Development

The goal of this lesson is for students to develop their vocabulary by identifying words they do not know in Hip-Hop songs, finding the words’ definitions, and demonstrating their understanding of the words by writing their own rap verses that incorporate the new vocabulary.

Video Games and Literary Criticism

In this lesson, students engage with their favorite video games as literary works and write literary analysis essays critiquing and dissecting the literary aspects of their chosen games.