How to Create a Real World Lightsaber

This lesson explores the physics behind a lightsaber (the weapon of the Jedi in the popular Star Wars movie franchise), how to bend lasers, and how it is possible to craft a lightsaber. This lesson would fit nicely into a physics unit on light and lenses.

50/50: Understanding Cancer and New Cancer Research

In this lesson, students watch the film 50/50 and learn from a genetic and biological standpoint how cancer originates, grows, and behaves. Students also look at a new study on using radio waves to combat cancer growth.

Biodiversity and Ecosystems with Bill Nye

Students explore biodiversity and identify the importance of biodiversity in maintaining ecosystems by watching and discussing an episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy.

SNL and Engaging with Current Events

In this lesson, students engage with a topic in current events by creating an SNL skit and providing comic relief to an otherwise serious subject.

Evaluating School Violence Through Glee

The objective of this lesson is for students to evaluate and express their feelings about how the media depicts school violence.

Recently, the TV show Glee aired an episode about a school shooting. Many people were upset about this episode due to the fact that the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting happened only a few months ago. People who were bothered by the episode claimed that FOX and show producers were being insensitive by airing this controversial episode.

Glee producers have said that they stand by their decision to air the episode because the show has made it a point to tackle and address critical social and political issues.