What is Good Music?: How to Write Your Own Music Review

This lesson aims to encourage students to write a short persuasive essay on a music album of their choice. Students should write a compelling piece that reviews this music album and evaluate if it’s worth purchasing.

Nude Album Covers: Do They Belong in Stores?

In this lesson, students will discuss the popularity of nude album artwork and its relevance on online stores and local retailers. They will also learn how to pick a stance in a persuasive writing assignment and defend their point of view.

Album covers play an important role when it comes to selling music. They are what partially attracts the buyer to the product. On the cover of their latest musical projects, pop artists Rihanna and Christina Aguilera are nude. This can be a problem because not all of the consumers are of age. Should this type of expression be completely censored from the eyes of the public or should a different alternative be proposed?

Lego Laws of Motion

This lesson uses Lego animation to walk students through Newton’s laws of motion.

LifeSaver Sparks

Wintergreen LifeSaver candies create a visible spark when chewed and broken apart. In this lesson, students investigate this phenomenon and learn about how it occurs.

Analyzing Satire in The Simpsons and Other Forms of Popular Culture

In this lesson, students will become familiar with the literary device of satire through The Simpsons, they will analyze the elements of satire present in The Simpsons, and they will research, analyze, and write about satire as a literary device present in other examples of popular culture.

The Thermodynamic Shake

In this lesson, the YouTube craze “The Harlem Shake” is used to introduce students to the concepts of entropy and enthalpy.

The Science of Superheroes

In this lesson, students research an animal of their choice and create a superhero that embodies its living, eating, and survival habits.