50/50: Understanding Cancer and New Cancer Research

In this lesson, students watch the film 50/50 and learn from a genetic and biological standpoint how cancer originates, grows, and behaves. Students also look at a new study on using radio waves to combat cancer growth.

Minecraft: Early Human Settlements Part 3

Students rejoin the clans established in parts 1 and 2 of this lesson and evolve their settlements into civilizations to better understand how human settlements made the jump to human civilizations.

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Will the Real Iron Man Please Stand Up!


Genius, Billionaire, Playboy and Philanthropist? There’s No Way This Guy is Real!

Arguably the least heroic of the superheroes on the big screen, Iron Man leads the Avengers, Marvel’s premiere superhero team, and his films are responsible for the gigantic wave of comic book properties that have found their way to film. As Iron Man – the genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist Tony Stark is also the most realistic high profile superhero. One of the world’s wealthiest men, building superhuman technology, like an Iron Man suit and fighting evil forces to make the world a better place, sounds like something that could actually happen. So, it should be no surprise that many believe that it is happening already.



Could Elon Musk be the Real Life Tony Stark?

Comparisons between Tony Stark and Elon Musk have been made since the rise of both in the public eye, their similarities are so apparent that they’ve been the butt of many jokes — even landing Musk a cameo in the Iron Man II film. Even though the character of Iron Man is older than Elon Musk, modern interpretations can’t help but be influenced by him, even Robert Downey Jr. himself.


Elon Musk’s continuing work in solar and reusable energies, electric transportation, space exploration, and other scientific fields that deal with today’s hot button issues have earned him a wealth of popularity as well as actual wealth. Musk is an icon in his own right, in the good graces of the public masses as a shining example of philanthropy built upon his genius and wealth, but his personal life is nothing like the scoundrel Tony Stark as far as we know… Instead it’s his business savvy and willingness to gamble his fortunes on researching and developing projects that might benefit humanity that have made him such a jewel in the eyes of the public and put him on the pedestal reserved for the marvelous and fantastical.

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Sure, He’s a Genius, Billionaire, Philanthropist…But Does it Count if He Doesn’t Have the Flying Suit?

But what separates reality from fantasy? Men from myth? Heroes from superheroes? What makes someone more than what they are? A person’s actions and beliefs are more important than the power they hold. Courage is trying to do more than you believe that you can do. That’s why individuals like Elon Musk are considered with the same esteem as the fantastical characters like Iron Man.

Although reports of Musk building a metal power suit might only exist in the rumor mill, there is no other person on Earth who embodies the ideals and characteristics of any modern superhero. He may not be the genius inventor that Tony Stark is, but he is a genius innovator. And if anybody’s really going to be Iron Man, there’s no one else that could fit the bill, or that could pay it!




3D Printing! When Do We Start Printing Body Parts?

Some people think 3D printing is taking away jobs by automating the manufacturing industry. Others think it’s a revolution in engineering. In this lesson, we’ll look at some of the reasons for the hype surrounding 3D printing, focusing on health and wellness.

Surprisingly, 3D printers have been in development since the 1980s. Charles Hull was the first person to patent the technology in 1986. Throughout the late 80s and the 90s, many companies focused on building 3D printers to be used for industrial design, to create prototypes. Because these printers were very expensive, only large corporations could afford to use them. In the mid-2000s there was a divide in the 3D printer industry. Though there were still innovations being made for the high-priced printers, there was a movement towards making 3D printers more affordable for the home or office. In 2009, the first commercial 3D printers were created by RepRap and MakerBot. By 2012, there were many 3D printer prototypes being funded on Kickstarter. Today a 3D printer can be purchased for around $1,000, but you don’t even need to own a printer to create a 3D object. You can send a file to a company like Shapeways or 3DHub to have it printed and shipped to you at a relatively low cost.

Printrbot 3D-print v017

3D printing is an industry that’s developing extremely rapidly. The way 3D printers work is similar to a standard inkjet printer, but instead of ink, they use a different material and apply it in layers. Usually a photopolymer resin is used, which can be melted and resolidified with ultraviolet light. The photopolymer is spread out and is built into a 3D object by printing many layers on top of each other. This process is called additive manufacturing, because it involves building layers of material (as opposed to subtractive manufacturing, which is like sculpting – cutting away pieces of material). It’s a simple way to make a solid plastic object without much heat in a precise manner.


This lesson will look at some of the things that are currently being made with 3D printers. Students can make their own informed decision on 3D printing’s positive and negative impacts. They can also design their own 3D printed innovations and envision what the future holds for 3D printing.


10 Steps to Make Summer School Not Suck

Summer is here, but you still find yourself in school. Maybe you didn’t pass a class that is required for graduation. Or maybe you want to take a class because your schedule during the school year is full. Whatever the reason is for taking a summer school class, sitting in a classroom for two hours every day for a few weeks isn’t your idea of fun. However, it doesn’t have to be so bad. Here are ten steps to make summer school not suck.

1. Have a friend sign up

Having a friend sign up makes summer school more bearable. Your friend is going to be by your side and make things easier. You can also do homework and study for tests together.

2. Ask for breaks

During the normal school day, your classes don’t last much longer than 70-80 minutes. However, summer school classes tend to be longer — most last about two hours. If you’re having trouble sitting for that long, ask the teacher for at least one break. This gives you time to get up and move around, since it’s not good to be sitting down for so long.

3. Ask if the class can go outside

Summer is usually more laid back than during the school year so ask if the teacher will take you outside. What better way to learn Shakespeare or science or whatever the subject than outside under a tree.

4. Engage yourself in the learning

Doing homework and studying for tests is hard enough during the regular school year. Think about how hard it is during the summer. You spend two hours in class, but then have homework to do, a research paper to write, or a test to study for. Do the homework and study every night so you don’t get behind.

5. Be respectful to the teacher

Your summer school teacher may be someone you don’t know, who doesn’t want to be there any more than you do. After all, summer is a time for him or her to be away from school as well. But teachers sometimes work part-time jobs in the summer to help pay bills or to earn extra money. Respecting and getting along with the teacher goes a long way and makes class more fun.

6. Get your sleep

While summer is the time for you to stay up late watching movies or hanging out with friends, you still need your sleep. You can’t sleep in class, or you won’t do well. Going to bed at a decent time will help lead to your success.

7. Take care of yourself

If you got up late and hurried to class or didn’t feel like eating breakfast, ask if bringing a snack or, at least, a bottle of water is allowed. Eating and drinking helps us stay awake when we’re bored. If you get dehydrated, you get sleepy and have trouble paying attention in class.

8. Be on time

During the school year, you are expected to be on time. If you’re late, you get a tardy and too many tardies add up to you not earning your credit for summer school. You certainly don’t want to lose the credit if you have almost made it to the end of summer school.

9. Stay positive

No matter how bad summer school really is, remember to stay positive. Doing some of things suggested above will help with that. Ask your teacher and see what he will allow you to do.

10. Remember why you are there

No matter the reason as to why you are there in summer school, the important things to remember are to do well, respect the teacher and his rules, and earn your credit. You don’t want to waste your summer.

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Is Stephen Curry Having the Greatest Season of All Time?


Before suffering a minor shin injury in late December, Stephen Curry’s play was hotter than the California sun. For the first three months of the season, the Golden State Warriors guard was shooting like an NBA Jam player who’s “on fire” — except instead of shooting lights-out for a few possessions, Curry was on fire for more than 30 games.


Curry leads the NBA in points per game, three-pointers made, and most points in a single game. He also ranks in the top 10 in the league in a slew of other categories, including total points and free throw percentage. Curry is on pace to set a record for three-pointers per game, which would require him to break his own record that he set last season. Oh, and Curry’s Warriors won their first 28 games of the season, by far the most in league history.

But it’s not just traditional statistics that prove Curry’s value to the Warriors. Advanced stats tell the same story: he’s the best player in the league this year. For example, take Curry’s Player Efficiency Rating (PER), a statistic that attempts to account for all of a player’s contributions on the court. Curry’s PER sits at 31.6, which would be the seventh-best all-time over a full season. Basketball legends Wilt Chamberlain, Michael Jordan, and LeBron James currently top the list of the best PER seasons ever. It’s safe to say that Curry is in good company.


If Curry can return to full health and continue the pace he set early in the season, he’ll challenge NBA records and put himself in the conversation among the greatest seasons ever. At that point, fans might need to come up with a new way to say he’s on fire.